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​                                                                    FROM THE HOLMDEL HISTORICAL SOCIETY FAMILY!


Not all burials in Holmdel are well documented.  Holmdel has gravestones dating from 1736!
  Below are a few burials that The Holmdel Historical Society are aware of.

Ackerson Cemetery

1834-1950  -  The Ackerson Family Cemetery is located at the end of Bailey Lane in Holmdel.  The family burial ground has beend used by The Ackerson Family beginning in 1834 through to 1950.  It is also known as the Indian Hill Cemetery, located in the Indian Hill section of Holmdel. 

Dorset Town Cemetery

1741-1930  -   The Dorsett Town Historic Cemetery is located on Telegraph Hill Road at the intersection of Cresent Road. The sign states it was established in 1700.  A few markers are visible, a few American flags, a few broken sandstone markers and a small piece of a brownstone marker are visible from the road.  

Holmdel Baptist Churchyard Cemetery

1757 - Current - Holmdel Baptist Cemetery is located at 40 W. Main Street (Rt. 520), between Holmdel Road and Rt. 34, behind the parking lot for the Holmdel United Community Church of Christ.

Near the back of the church's parking lot at the entrance to the cemetery, a sign reads "Holmdel Church Memorial Cemetery." There is easy access and ample parking. As of July, 2000, the grounds were well kept.

Smock Family Cemetery

1786-1890 - The Smock Family Burial Ground (also known as The Schanck Cemetery) is  located on the corner of Long Bridge and Willow Brook Roads.  Due to this isolated area, the cemetery has been vandalized several times.   

Old Holmdel Cemetery

1832-1888 - Also known as Red Meeting House Cemetery; Old Bennett Cemetery; First Dutch Reformed Cemtery. Old Holmdel Yard is located on Middletown Road. An ancient little graveyard stands vigil alongside a shaded country road.

Holmdel Cemetery

1753 - Current -   The Holmdel Cemetery is located on the corner of Holmdel Road and Roberts Road.  Having 15 beautiful acres, Holmdel Cemetery has been serving the residents of Monmouth County for over 200 years.

The African American Cemetery

1845-1888 - The Afican American Cemetery (Also known as Old Slave Burial Ground and Colored Peoples Burying Ground) is located located behind the houses on Canyon Woods Court cul-de-sac, east of the Roman Catholic Cemetery. There are public access easements from Canyon Woods and Grandview Ave.

Existence of this cemetery is documented in Monmouth County Property Deed Book No. 347, page 338, March 7, 1882, referring to Theodore Thorne's property, which specifically refers to it as a colored cemetery.

As of August 13, 2013, there are 10 visible gravestones with 11 names, and 35 unmarked burials. The unmarked burials are from information gleaned from obituaries and death certificates. This cemetery is also referred to as the African American section of the Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

The Holmes Family Burial

1798-1856 - The Holmes Family Burial Ground is located on the west side of Rt. 34, just north of Rt. 520. In 1995 it was badly overgrown. In 2009, it was still overgrown, not visible from the highway. The location of this cemetery is south of Care 1 Nursing Home.

The Crawford Family Cemetery

1797-1923 - The Crawford Family Cemetery (1833-1923) is located on the PNC Bank Arts Center property, on the east side of the NJ Garden State Parkway near the Vietnam Era Educational Center. It is surrounded by a wrought iron fence and a walkway. Access and parking is easy and it is well maintained.

The Hendrickson Family Burial

1753-1950 - The Hendricksons were original pioneers to Holmdel, Monmouth County, as early as the 1690s. From generation to generation, they passed their land to their children, farming hundreds of acres, including where the Beau Ridge Development now stands. From generation to generation, they buried their loved ones in times of sorrow in this sacred ground, and marked the interments with monmuments. The name of this cemetery is The Hendrickson Family Cemetery or the Hendrickson Burying Ground, but not Beau Ridge cemetery. 

The Ancient Walling Cemetery ​​

Age 1721-1847 - The Ancient Walling Cemetery has thirty some tombstones and is located off of Centerville Road in Holmdel, NJ.  It is very over grown.  Approximately 20 tombstones are standing and most are readable.


The Walling Family Cemetery

The Walling Family Cemetery is landlocked, behind the houses on Miller Road, off Route 35.  Access is provided by an easement at the intersection of Miller Road and Orchard Ave. The easement is overgrown and unkept. It is also known as the Miller Avenue Cemetery, covering only .009 acres. 

The Van Brackle Family Cemetery ​​

1811-1875 - Also known as The LeQuier Family Cemetery . The Van Brackle Family Cemetery is located on Line Road, just south of Wigwam Lane. The northwest Corner of Line Road and Wigwam Lane.

The Schenck & Covenhoven Cemetery

1736-1872 - The Schenck & Covenhoven Cemetery , also known as the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, is landlocked, located behind the houses at the end of Canyon Woods Court cul-de-sac. Access is provided by an easement located to the left of 14 Canyon Woods Court, on a path lined on both sides by large overgrown pine trees. As of July, 2000, the cemetery is overgrown and unkept. Only 1 marker was barely visible to the right, near the end of the path.

The oldest known marker is of Cornelus Cowenhoven, died May 16, 1736. Many burials from this cemetery have been reinterred in Holmdel Cemetery.

Irish Catholic Cemetery
1851-1883 - The Irish Catholic Cemetery is also named The Roman Catholic Burial Ground; Old Catholic Burial Ground.  It is located on the right side of 11 Canyon Woods Court, Holmdel.
The Luyster Family Cemetery

1750-1922 - The Luyster Family Cemetery is located off Williams Way, which is off Van Schoick Road, in what was known as the Holland School District area. It is also known as the Van Schoick Family Graveyard and has known burials from 1750 through 1922. The site occupies less than one-quarter acre. 

Field Johnson Cemetery
1791-1856 - Other name was Hoffmire Cemetery. This Cemetery is situated behind 77 Stillwell Road, Holmdel. Not visible from the road and overgrown.
John Stillwell Family Burial

1801-1834 - Only 2 visible standing gravestones. Black metal fence surrounds overgrown burial ground. May be more tombstones. Located behind 77 Stillwell Rd.

Daniel Hendrickson
Family Burial

1753-1950 - Located on the east side of railway tracks about 650 degrees north of Laurel Avenue Overpass.

Stout Family Burial Ground

1803-1858 - Located behind 9 Mountain Lane, Holmdel - overgrown, some American Flags, some pre-1800.

Wall Family Burial

1741-1844 - Located behind 9 Mountain Lane - not visible from the street