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The Holmdel Police Department

In 1914, Holmdel did not have a local constable or a police department.  When Holmdel tenant, Eddie Stachano, killed his brother-in-law, John Sherlock, on the Henry Cross Farm, Monmouth County detective, John M. Smith made the arrest.  The judge sentenced Stachano to 20-30 years.  In those days, Holmdel's population was sparse and the county was able to maintain law and order in the 18-square mile area.  With the formation of the New Jersey State Police, in the 1920's, State Troopers began helping to patrol Holmdel.

In 1947, Holmdel Township commissioners appointed Joseph W. Phillips as the part-time constable.   Phillips was a life-long Holmdel resident, employed as a local school bus driver and mailman.  Phillips worked out of his home, where his wife, Helen, took the calls and tracked him down.  In 1952, the commissioners promoted Phillips to the newly created office of Chief of Police.  Arthur Klatt took his place as constable. 

Over the years, the Police Department has been housed in various facilities. From the Judge’s desk drawer, it moved to a basement room in the old Town Hall, then on to the Road Department garage, and finally, in 1981, to its present state-of-the-art quarters in Town Hall.

Since the early 1960s, when the fledgling department patrolled the township’s 18 square miles, the population has grown to approximately 16,000. Complaints, which in 1965 numbered 540, in 2000 swelled to 21,505.

The Holmdel Police are now celebrating their 50th Annivesary!  Congratulations.

Chiefs of Police

Chief Joseph Phillips - 1952 - 1971

Chief Bruce Phillips - 1971 - 2004

Chief  Ray Wilson - 2004 - 2008

Chief John Mioduszewski - 2015 - Present

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