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                                                  MEETING -  MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                    AT DR. COOKE'S OFFICE
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​                                                                    FROM THE HOLMDEL HISTORICAL SOCIETY FAMILY!

The name “Baptistown” was suggested as the name of the first post office in Holmdel but the Postmaster General rejected it because an office in Hunterdon County, New Jersey already existed with that name.  The Baptistown Post Office in Hunterdon County was established in 1822.  Their next choice was “Holmdel” and that received approval.  On January 21, 1830, the Postmaster General appointed Dr. Robert W. Cooke was the first Postmaster of Holmdel.  In conjunction with his duties as physician and surgeon, Dr. Cooke held the Holmdel Postmaster position for 19 years until Gilbert Van Mater relieved him in 1849.

On October 31, 1693, Middletown Township was formed and it included the Baptistown section.  On February 25, 1848, Raritan Township was formed from part of Middletown and it included the Holmdel Village area.  On February 23, 1857, Holmdel Township was formed from part of Raritan Township and its boundaries remain unchanged since its establishment.

In New Jersey, the earliest post offices were established in 1776 in several locations:  New Brunswick, Elizabethtown, Newark, Princeton, Trenton and Woodbridge.  By 1830 there were 241 Post Offices in New Jersey.

In Monmouth County, Allentown was the first town to have a post office established in 1974.  Only two others were establishd before 1800 – Middletown Point (now Matawan) and Campbell Junction.   In 1830 Holmdel was the 17th post office established in Monmouth County.