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Old St. Catharine's Church
Stillwell Road

HHS  Museum Restoration Project​  - Donations and Time Needed

The building formerly called St. Catharine’s Church on Stillwell Road in Holmdel has no foundation.  To restore the building from the ground up, the Holmdel Historical Society is asking for help in building a new foundation.  This is the first step of this restoration project and we are asking our local community for help.​​
The Trenton Diocese sold the church to the Society in 1974, when they built the new St. Catharine’s Church.  Since then, there have been no improvements done to the Church which has continued to deteriorate.  The HHS currently uses it for storage.
The HHS has a clear plan of how they want to use it once it is restored.  Members would have it open to the public as a museum to display our growing collection of historic Holmdel items.  It would be the first and only museum of its kind in Holmdel.  To help with ongoing maintenance costs, we also want to use it as a rental place for fundraisers, arts and craft shows and small weddings.  The HHS looks forward to one day holding their regular meetings there.
The Church measures approximately 25’ x 56’.  The front vestibule is 5’ x 8’.  There is a narrow crawl space below the main room.  The southwest section is showing signs of settling.  From floor to ceiling the building is leaning to one side by about 12” – 15” inches.  There is extensive water and insect damage to the sill plate and in rim joists but the floor seems to be in okay condition.  Connected by three ceiling tie rods, one long side wall is bowing out and the other is baying in.
Someone with knowledge of securing grant monies and willing to volunteer their time would be of great help.  Restoration of the stained glass windows will cost about $10,000 per window and there are 13 windows that can be memorialized.  The antique wood alter, alter rail and several pews are available to refinish.  Replacing the slate roof will cost $100,000+.  There is no septic, no plumbing, no heating, no electric, no bathroom, no kitchen, no handicapped access and no insulation.

HHS is looking for local contractors who would be willing to donate their time to build a foundation.  We need carpenters, masons, construction workers, painters and landscapers.  The Church needs bricks, cinder blocks, cement, wood, anchor bolts, tie rods and more.

In 1879 this Church was built by donations and for 100 years it was maintained by donations.   Please help the HHS to restore this Church.  We need your time, experience and funds.  The Community has come together in the past - Let's try and come together again for this project. The HHS is a private, non-profit, non-political, charitable organization run by volunteers.  Your donations are tax deductible.   Please mail your donations to:-
The Holmdel Historical Society
P.O. Box 282
Holmdel, NJ  07733

Or visit us at We will send you a receipt via email or mail.  We thank you in advance.

Donations Appreciated
The Sandblasting was completed in October 2017.  The Society raised funds in the amount of $6,000 to sandblast the complete exterior to remove the peeling paint and reveal beautiful cedar boards. 
September 2018 - We have begun sanding the exterior of the vesitbule at the Church.  It takes time howevver, we hope to have a stain applied to the exterior by the end of October.  From there we will begin sanding the west facing side of the Church.

If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer to sand the exterior please call Peter at 732.768.7583.   We have three sanders currently available and hope to have a few more.

The front doors have been sanded and painted for a "quick" fix, however, repair is needed.  Foundation border repair will be applied the first week in October to prevent animals from entering the Church.  The Society wants this structure to be cleaned so that we can open to the public for viewing articles, pictures and artifacts from Holmdel along with viewing the detail in which Father Glennon had built the Church back in 1879.

We still are in need of funds for the foundation.  Any and all donations are appreciated.  Thank you in advance!


October 4 and 5, 2018

We have repaired the base of the Church for the time being.  Until we get donations for the foundation, it is a start in getting this Church/Museum opened to the public.

All donations are welcomed and needed.  Thank you.