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Holmdel High School
Village School
William Satx Intermediate School
Indian Hill School

Holmdel High School

Before the high school was built, 8th grade Holmdel graduates went to either Red Bank High School or Keyport High School, depending on what part of town you lived in.  Red Bank High School opened in 1878 and Keyport opened in 1927.  In 1934, yearly tuition to attend Keyport High School was reduced from $110 to $95. 

In 1968, Red Bank BOE said it could no longer accept students from Holmdel due to overcrowding. On October 14, 1970, Holmdel residents voted to approve $6.2M to build a high school in Holmdel. Construction began in the spring of 1971. A week before school was to start, the gym floor still needed 6 coats of varnish, and seats were missing in auditorium and library.

Holmdel High School opened for the first day of school on September 5, 1973, with 700 registered students. The 135,000 sq. ft., 2-story building sits on 40 acres. Holmdel's new high school had six science labs, a planetarium and greenhouse. The common area had ping pong tables for students to enjoy and the English department offered courses in comic books and horror fiction. The athletic department offered six tennis courts, two football fields, two baseball fields, and fields for softball, soccer and hockey. The first principal was Richard H. White and Dr. H. Victor Crespy was the Superintendent. 


Village School

This was the first Village School and public school in Holmdel.   The present location of The Village School  is the third and present building located at 67 McCampbell Road and was built in 1964.

The first Village School was located on the east side of Holmdel Road just north of Main Street.  That was built in 1841.  First through fourth grades were taught on the main floor and fifth through eighth grades were on the second floor.

The second Village School was located at 961 Holmdel Road.  It was built in 1904 on one are of land and closed as a school in 1968. The classes were taught upstairs and the principal's office was downstairs.  This building was used for the Holmdel branch of the Monmouth County Library during the 1970's.

William Satz Intermediate School

William Satz Intermediate School  is a Public Middle School located in New Jersey, which ranks 5,193 amongst all United States institutions on William Satz Intermediate School's faculty ranks 135 within the state of New Jersey and three within Holmdel Township School District. 

William Satz Intermediate School has 538 students and 50 teachers that averages a student to teacher ratio of 10.82.

​Indian Hill School

Indian Hill School was built to avoid split sessions due to overcrowding, Holmdel voters approved a new elementary school in 1957. BOE appropriated $420,000 to build a 12-classroom building designed by Architect Samuel Mountford of Micklinwright and Mountford of Trenton. They hired Jack Preston of Middletown as general contractor to build the building. 

More than 200 people attended the dedication ceremonies held April 23, 1958. Officials placed items marking the ceremony inside the cornerstone, including a gold-plated trowel, school brochure with a list of all the students and teachers, and copies of other documents. The new school opened September 8, 1958, with Mrs. Helen L. Ackerson as the principal. It offered Kindergarten through 8th grades, with 201 students and staff of 15. Holmdel Elementary was the first school in Holmdel that offered separate classrooms for each grade. 

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1959, midnight mass was celebrated in the auditorium by St. Benedict's Catholic Church. In 1960, the
Board of Education (BOE) proposed a $190,000 six-classroom addition to the elementary school. 

On February 13, 1963, the BOE officially named the school "Indian Hill - Holmdel." Enrollment in September 1964 was 412 students. As new schools opened, it went from offering K-8, to 5th-6th grades, to 4th-5th grades, to 3rd-6th grades. In 1998, Indian Hill offered 3rd-6th grades. In 2004, classes were reconfigured to 4th-6th grades as it stands currently.