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In 1823, Dr. Robert W. Cooke purchased the 14.5 acre property where he had built the medical office building.  The front entrance faced west on Middletown Road.  The medical office building remained in this original location about 86 years until 1909.

After Theron McCampbell purchased the property on October 13, 1909, he moved the medical office to the back of his property, about 50’ east onto a brick foundation.  McCampbell moved the building for his wife Sarah Wood McCampbell, who used the medical office as a studio.  Before 1940, McCampbell removed a closet wall and door and installed a pottery kiln for her.  The medical office building remained in this location for 85 years until 1994.

In 1986, owners of 67 McCampbell Road, Wilbur and Edie Trapp agreed to donate the medical office building to the Holmdel Historical Society (HHS).  As a condition of the sale, dated August 28, 1986, the buyers agreed to move the medical office.  The HHS signed an agreement with the Holmdel Board of Education to lease a 50 x 50 lot on the Village School property, directly across the street.  Six years later, on July 24, 1994, the buyers finally arranged with W.A. Building Movers and Contractors, Inc. of Westfied, NJ, to move the medical office across the street to its current location.

Workers for W.A. Building Movers dug tunnels under the medical office building to install steel beams.  Using hydraulic jacks and winch, they raised the building onto a flatbed tractor trailer and drove it across the street to its new location, a distance of less than a few hundred feet.  HHS had a foundation built and hired contractors to repair and paint the building.  Baseboard heat was added and the knob and tube electrical system was replaced with modern wiring.  Dr. Cooke’s medical office building now (2009) sits on a 50’ easement on the Village Elementary School’s acreage and faces north.

Since 1986 the HHS has owned the medical office building and since 1994 the Holmdel Board of Education has owned the land that the building sits on.  All three of the building’s locations are within about 200’ of each other.  Since 1823, the medical office building has remained on the original 14.5 acres.  The building has maintained its historic integrity throughout its’ 186 years of existence.